Shinjuku district by night - entertainment of every kind

View from the 60th floor of the
Sunshine City tower,
looking south-east
towards Ginza on the horizon

The floor-to-ceiling windows will certainly
test your head for heights

A trip to Tsukiji fish market is a must, although
to do it properly, you should be there for 4am.

By 10am, the action's all over, as proven by the
photos below...



Paperwork time - each stall has its own compact office about 5ft by 4ft

Statue of Liberty (in minature, naturally), Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower beyond

Cherry blossom viewing ("hanami" in Japanese) is a serious business, bringing hordes of tourists to places like Ueno park

It certainly keeps the caretakers of the
temples busy, keeping the walkways clear...

... and provides some extra excitement
for the local primary school kids

Of course some have seen it all before...