The propped-up ruins of the Industrial Promotional Hall,
shattered by the atomic bomb dropped on 6th
August 1945.

The Industrial Promotional Hall viewed through the
arch of the cenotaph in the Peace Park

Trams race the buses between the traffic lights

Close to Hiroshima is the small island of Miyajima, where this Torii stands in the water to mark the entrance to the Shinto shrine

Tame deer roam the island, and monkeys live at the top of the cable-car system.  They seem to get along...

After a short climb to the top, there is a small shrine containing a fire alleged to have burnt for 1200 years

Yaki are a Hiroshima speciality (although found
throughout Japan).  You can either cook them yourself
on a hotplate at your table, or have them brought to
you ready to go.