Postcards from Japan, October 2005

Sunset near Arao (Kyushu)


Tokyo commuters, Shinjuku Station


Biker, Shibuya crossing, Tokyo


Biker #2, Shibuya crossing, Tokyo


Delivery tractor, near Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo


Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo


Bullet train crossing central Tokyo


Yatai food stalls, Fukuoka (Kyushu)


Torii [entrance gate to a Shinto shrine] on Miyajima island, near Hiroshima


Itsukushima-jinja shrine, Miyajima island


Deer on Miyajima island - extremely tame, and pushy when it comes to scrounging food from tourists!


Gembaku Domo / A-Bomb Dome (formerly the Industrial Promotion Hall), Hiroshima


Bamboo grove, Arashiyama, near Kyoto


Elderly couple in the grounds of Nijo-jo castle, Kyoto


Maple leaves


Wooden prayer tablets on a tombstone, Kyoto


Egret fishing in the shallows of Kamo-gawa river, Kyoto


Pontocho-dori, a narrow street lined with exclusive restaurants, Kyoto


Restaurant entrance in Pontocho-dori, Kyoto


Geisha or maiko (an apprentice geisha), Kyoto


Hawk cruising downtown Kyoto (amongst a pack of 10 others - slightly disconcerting!)


Butterfly in a temple garden, Kyoto


Pedestrian on a bridge over the Kamo-gawa river, Kyoto


Carp in a temple pond, Kyoto


Night train on the Chuo line, Ochanomizu district, Tokyo


Salary-man waiting for the bullet train, Kyoto station


More commuters in Shinjuku district, Tokyo


Another salary-man multi-tasking on the morning commute, Shinjuku district, Tokyo


and finally...


The only car worth photographing at the Tokyo Motor Show, the super-cool Mitsubishi 'i'.

A Kei class car, rear-engined turbocharged 3-cyl 660cc and four wheel drive - a Smart fortwo copy, but with four seats.